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I had my mind set on pre ordering destiny earlier and then T mobile G checked me with a text message like bruh that bill is due in three days so you better pay up. I guess I’ll get destiny on my next pay check.

Tumblr music tag game thing.


Rules: YOU CAN tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod / iPhone / iTunes /Media player and write down the first 10 songs. then pass this onto 10 people.

graycloudsovermyhead picked me so here it is:

1) Pac Div - Saved

2) Notorious B.I.G. - Let Me…

1. A.B.N.-Rain

2. Smokey Robinson & Syreeta-First Time On A Ferris Wheel

3. Add-2-Keep Walkin

4. Cunninlynguists-Summer’s Gone

5. J. Period & Nate Dogg-Time’s Up (J. Period Re Edit)

6. Killer Mike-So Glorious

7. Bodyhead Bangerz-Down Here

8. Asheru-Mood Swing

9. Chamillionaire-Shawty

10. TiRon-Ms. Right

nah-gee said: X games were always dumb hard. Did ypu play 5? Theres a part where you gotta out fall run and slide death laser amd spikes that 1 shot you for like 3 mins straight.

X5 was stupid hard, i remember this damn fight used to get me so heated

Had a convo with some people earlier about mega man x and realized i wasnt the only who found that game so damn hard to beat once you got to the last fight with sigma. To be honest i played it so much as a kid but didn’t actually beat the game for the first time until i was about 15.